11 January 2018

DROM-APAP Showcase

Featuring several NY Andalus Ensemble players: The ASEFA traditional ensemble is performing as part of APAP 2018 at DROM, a premiere world music venue in the East Village. The ensemble includes Samuel Torjman Thomas, oud/vocals; Laura Townsend, vocals; Eylem Basaldi, violin, John Murchison, bass; Daniel Kurfirst, percussion, incorporating music from North Africa and the Middle East.DROM will be hosting this special pre-conference showcase as part of the APAP (Association of Performing Arts Professionals) conference 2018 in NYC. All are welcome to come out!

ASEFA (n., gathering) traverses the rich and rooted confluences of Hebraic and Islamic musical traditions, interweaving North African and Middle Eastern styles together on one stage. Multi-instrumentalist and ethnomusicologist Samuel Torjman Thomas, Ph.D, leads the ensemble through a repertoire of classical and modern Arabic, Hebrew, Ladino, and Spanish songs. Serpentine vocals, lush oud, haunting violin, breathy nay, resonant bass, and rivetingpercussion characterize their sound.

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