10 December 2015

NYAE artistic director at Chanukah-in-a-Mosque event

Chanukah in a Mosque with the NYC Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee

Dr. Thomas participated in the premiere event of its kind. At the invitation of Imam Omar Ahmed, an impromptu joint session, highlighting singing traditions in Muslim and Jewish cultures of the Arab world, added a strong cultural heritage component to the event. Many participants were moved and inspired to learn more about the deep history shared by Muslims and Jews. Kudos to Nabil Ezzarhouni and crew for all their hard work putting this great grassroots event together.

For more information about “Chanukah-in-a-Mosque” event, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1681022898818394/

For more information on the NYC Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee, visit: www.facebook.com/nyc.mjsc




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